Release 1.9.0 - Content Reuse & WebDAV Locking


Santa’s helpers from FontoXML have just released the final version of the FontoXML DITA for Small Teams. Well, for this year.

You may wonder what happened to the 1.8.0 that was supposed to be released last week? It actually got released but it just contained a bunch of bugfixes, which were not important enough to announce.

So without further ado:

Conref all the things

We’ve changed our content reference, or conref for short, implementation to allow creating content references to basically anything as long as it is valid according to the DITA standard.

Content references are a mechanism to reuse content that has already written by someone else. For example, if you are writing a set of articles about various chemical reaction, you may need the following warning more than once:

Do NOT try this at home!

Now with the new FontoXML conref interface, we do advise you to try this at home. Just navigate to the Advanced toolbar tab and click the Reuse content button. Select to the piece of content you want to insert and click the Select button.

WebDAV Locking

In the 1.7.0 release we’ve introduced support for the WebDAV protocol. In this release we added support for locking and unlocking content automatically from your WebDAV server. If someone else is working on a topic, you will see a message that the topic is currently locked out by someone else, including the name of the culprit so you can pick up the phone and yell at them. There is now a Save & Close button in the File menu to unlock the topics you’ve just edited.

My server does not support locking, what now? Since it is an optional part of the spec, we’ve implemented as optional. So your server will still work well with FontoXML.

We’ve also tested extensively with different servers and verified FontoXML can now connect to more than 50 servers, including: SharePoint, ExistDB and DITAToo. And it the next few releases we will continue to test more servers.

Finally, we want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Stay safe and do try this at home!