Release 1.7.0 - Equations, MathML and WebDAV


We’ve just pushed version 1.7.0 of the FontoXML DITA for Small Teams to production. In this release we’ve improved the editor with several new features.

Equation & MathML domain

As of today, you can use FontoXML DITA for Small Teams to author equations including those written in MathML. Thanks to the WYSIWYG WIRIS equation editor, it is easy to create complex mathematical and chemical formulas.


You can now connect to your Content Management System, or shared file server, using the WebDAV protocol. WebDAV is a protocol implemented by a wide variaty of CMSes and file server. Integrating FontoXML in your existing tooling was never easier.

Note: please make sure your WebDAV server is accesible via internet.