Release 1.6.0 - Jump in the Tree


We’ve just pushed version 1.6.0 of the FontoXML DITA for Small Teams to production. In this release we’ve improved the editor with several new features.

Jump in the tree

Now this may sound a little strange, but rest assured, our designers & developers didn’t actually jump in the tree, let me explain what I mean: When adding a new topic to the map you’ve just opened, we let you start browsing from the folder in which the loaded map is located, instead of the root of your drive.This means you do not have to browse the entire folder ‘tree’; ergo, you’ve jumped in the tree. This will hopefully save you a lot of time. If you have any feedback, let us know!


We have implemented support for the troubleshooting topic type, which provides markup for corrective action information such as troubleshooting and alarm clearing. In its simplest form, troubleshooting information follows this pattern:

  1. A condition or symptom. Usually the condition or symptom is an undesirable state in a system, a product, or a service that a reader wants to correct.
  2. A cause for the condition or symptom.
  3. A remedy for the condition or symptom.

The troubleshooting topic provides sections for describing the condition, causes, and remedies needed to restore a system, a product, or a service to normal.


  • Added a topic template for general task.
  • Added tab navigation to simple table.
  • Fixed a case where the editor would not allow insertion of images.
  • Fixed a case where image uploads could fail.
  • Added support for the hazard statement domain.
  • Improve support for task elements (steps-informal, steps-unordered, tutorialinfo).
  • Various smaller usability, stability and performance improvement.