Release 1.5.0 - Cross References Improvements


We’ve just pushed version 1.5.0 of the FontoXML DITA for Small Teams to production. In this release we’ve improved the editor with several new features.

Better cross referencing

We’ve improved the visualization for cross references. When you click on a cross reference we now show you the title of the element being linked to (topics, figures, tables, etc.) or a summary of the text of the target. This is the first improvement in a series which are aimed to allow easier validation of cross references.

Simpletable & Definitionlist support

We’ve added support for authoring simpletable and dl, definition list, to this release.


  • searchtitle and navtitle can now be inserted in topics.
  • bodydiv, sectiondiv, div, conbodydiv and refbodydiv can now be inserted.
  • Setting attributes on topicrefs is now possible via the structure view.
  • overline, linethrough and tt are now support.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.