Release 1.4.0 - Collaboration & Key references


We’ve just released a new version of the FontoXML DITA for Small Teams product. Even though we were quite busy gathering community feedback at the CIDM DITA Europe conference, we managed to build some cool new features:


We’ve made it possible to use the sharing capabilities of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to share files with your colleagues, allowing you to collaborate on a single set of topics and maps. As an information architect you can also set the permissions so you can make topics and maps available to others without the ability for them to make changes.

We will follow up shortly with a tutorial on how to do this for both Google Drive as well as Microsoft OneDrive.

Creating key references

It is now possible to create xref key references to keys defined in your map. This is part of the DITA indirect addressing functionality. In short it allows to determine at publish time where a cross reference points to.

Easier hyperlink creation

If you have a text which contains an URL from which you want to create an hyperlink, you can now select the URL and click the Hyperlink button in the toolbar which will immediately create the hyperlink. Previously you had to fill it in using a dialog.


  • Upgrade to FontoXML Editor 6.7, see it’s release notes for more details.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.