Release 1.10.0 - properties & key referencing


Since the 1.9.0 release, we’ve been working on making FontoXML DITA for Small Teams available to customers & partners who want to run it on-premise in addition to hosting it in the cloud. We are proud to announce that this release will be shipped to two on-premise customers and to our tried & tested cloud.

We’ve also dedicated some time to implement a few new features:

<properties> support

The properties element, and it’s children, lists the properties of the subject described in a reference topic. It can be used to describe the parameters of an API or the settings for a printer for example. Each listed property can include a type, a value and a description.’

Improved key referencing

We’ve improved the support for key referencing. First of all, we’ve improved the visualization, FontoXML will now display where the keyref attribute is used by including a small key icon in the xref element.

The second improvement we’ve made is that it is now possible to create keywords and terms with a keyref attribute directly from the toolbar. Clicking the corresponding button in the toolbar will provide the user with a list of available keys to choose from.

Other improvements

  • Improved wrapping behavior of text in a block level element (note for example).
  • Improved paste behavior from HTML and Word.
  • Several stability & performance improvements.