Incorrect file extension for ditamaps when downloading from Google Drive


Google Drive has an issue with the length of the .ditamap extension. If you download more than one file from Google Drive, it will generate a ZIP file containg all the selected files and folders. During this process it adds the .xml extension to the existing .ditamap extension. Once downloaded this may cause broken references, since the filenames of the ditamaps effectively changed.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can control from FontoXML nor is it caused by FontoXML. We are working with Google to get this issue resolved on their side. Until the issue has been resolved, please correct the filenames by stripping the .xml extension after unzipping the download ZIP.



If you want to help us convincing Google this needs to be addressed, please vote for the following issues:!topic/drive/Bb3Bjv7k-b4!topic/drive/UxFyWZkFne8;context-place=topicsearchin/drive/Download$20zip