How do you output a PDF


I’ve only just started using FontoXML DITA for Small Teams and am looking for some help.

I have created a few simple topics and built a map, now I just want to see what they will look like as a PDF, but cannot see how you do this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Matt,

Exporting documents (to PDF or any other format than XML) is not a default feature of the free editor right now. Most people want the visual styling of their publications to match their brand identity and since you can’t do any styling in FontoXML, this is not something we can deliver off-the-shelf.

Just to understand your situation a bit better, may I ask:

  1. for what purpose would you like to export to PDF? Is it for actual publishing, proofreading or something else?
  2. would it be helpful for you to export to PDF with simple default, print-optimised styling?

Best regards,


Hi Youri

Thank you for your reply.

I am trying Fonto XML just to gain a bit of understanding of how DITA works.

No, I don’t need to export a PDF to publish. But, I would just like to see a PDF of the document I had created.

I think it would be useful to export a PDF with simple defaul, print-optimised styling.




Hey Matt,

Cool to hear that you’re using FontoXML to explore DITA, I hope you like what you’ve seen so far.

I will discuss the PDF preview functionality (with default styling) with the product team to see how we can fit that in our roadmap. However, I am rather curious what you would actually use that preview for. Could you try to explain me a bit further how exactly this preview would be helpful for you? Why do you need to see a “default styled” PDF version?

Best regards,