Error-messages when loading DITA docs


"I have a manual that I maintain in Eclipse with the DITA Spec loaded for validation and prompting. It has a lot of topics - close to 100. It also has variables that are used throughout the document. I publish it using the dita-ot maven plugins and it works (or at least I think that it does). It produces the manual in the way that I expect.
When I loaded it, it has some errors related to being unable to load a few files. It does not say which ones it is having trouble with. They seem to be at the start so I am not sure where to look. I do have multiple ditamaps at the top so that I can generate different customized manuals using shared topics with some topics that are customer specific and that might be the source of confusion but without the filenames it is hard to know.
The nature of the conversion being one-way with the saved updates being a bit hard to work with manually is not unexpected by does make the move a rather large commitment since going back to manual editing is not easy

Ron Wheeler: I would like to get a PDF to see how the variable replacement works.

Ron Wheeler: I am not sure how you handle the multiple top-level ditamap situation but perhaps I need to restructure my top level map to include the custom bits in a more sensible way. How does one adjust the ditamap to do this?

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