Editing an existing task in FontoXML: adding new steps between existing steps


Sorry for the silly question, <e are new at using Dita and FontoXML.

We have created tasks using FontoXML.

A user has checked and wants us to add an extra step in the beginning.
However using the add step feature, adds the step at the bottom of the existing list and we see no way of how to move it upwards.

Is this something we use in the wrong way or would this be an extension?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.




Found the solution.
At the end of the previous step, click enter. Problem solved.


Hi Tom,

I’m glad to hear you already found the solution without our help. We’re also exploring additional solutions for this action to make it easier to find in the future (so it wasn’t a silly question at all).

By the way: you can also hit enter at the very beginning of a step to insert one above.