After resizing a bit, the toolbar has become invisible


I’m showing the Fonto trial to someone, on their laptop with a resolution of 720p. After playing around a bit, the toolbar has become invisible.


After taking a look at the HTML, it seems that the content of the iframe decides to fill the screen.

I was working in Google Chrome, on a recent version.

After a refresh, the problem fixed itself, I cannot reproduce it, sorry.

Also, I’ve got more images, but since I’m a new user, I cannot post them all.


Here’s the extra image:


Hi Martin, thanks for you report. Could you post the version of Google Chrome you are using? Also on which operating system you are using.

At first glance it looks like a weird render bug but we need to do some more analysis to understand what is going on.

In the mean time, the refresh work around you found is the way to get out of the issue until we get a permanent fix. Please make sure that all content is saved before you refresh (little floppy disk icon on the top left).

@Youri / @Remko Can you please categorize this post as bug?


Hi Bert,

I was using a recent-ish Chrome, not sure what version exactly though. The laptop had windows 10.

I cannot reproduce it, so I think it was a one-time fluke. Let’s close this issue.


Hi Martin, thanks for the information. We had no luck reproducing the error either, so lets indeed close this issue for now!